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  • Vibroacoustic sound platform

    A human-sized sound pod that gently mixes body vibrations with immersive music, transporting you to a higher state of consciousness.

  • Cocoon Design Shape

    With a womb-like exterior shell opening into a bed of gracefully curving wings, the SAVA sound pod is built like a cradle, ideal for healing and ergonomic benefits.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Our AI helps you select music frequencies that enhance mood and support a healthy emotional foundation.

  • Sound Journeys

    An immersive range of science based sound healing frequencies and music that calm your nervous system, relaxing your body, while helping your brain perform better, enhancing creativity and focus, while optimizing mental and emotional health.

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With SAVA, the body will feel like it is floating with the combination of the amplifiers and speakers with the ultra soft and comfortable four-inch memory foam top pad.

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An immersive inner and outer body experience that will take you to a higher state of consciousness. Simply select a sound journey of where you want to go, what emotion you want to feel, lay down and dream away.

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PNAU, Empire of the Sun

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Working on this dream of Ray’s has been an extraordinary ride, to enter the world of deep imagination and healing. We have had many talks regarding how best to serve the space musically, what are the characteristics that make a good sound healing experience and how might it take the listener to an elevated place.

I’ve researched a lot about chakras and Solfeggio scales and combined what I understand them to be with my own universe of sound, psychedelics and spectral emotions. I believe what is happening here is the future of wellness and meditation, mindfulness and our long needed connection with “the other“.

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Use the SAVA app to customize your experience based on your mood and your goals.

When you combine ARA + SAVA, everything clicks into place. Get $100 off your pre-order deposit when you bundle our all-in-one digital hardware platform with our groundbreaking at-home sound experience.

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