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Exclusive pilot partnerships available for elite sports and luxury wellness facilities.

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Media and content partnerships for the Connect platform.

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Ambassadorship, custom projects and cross branding opportunities.

Profile andy walshe

Dr Andy Walshe

Co-founder of Liminal Collective and former director of Red Bull Human Performance

“Tersa is redefining human performance for the next generation”

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Laura Penhaul

Human Performance Consultant and Head of Innovation

"Tersa Is world class. It is the first example of technology that truly Understands, Guides and Inspires individuals to take the steps to help health & performance whilst building body literacy."

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Profile jonathan leary

Dr Jonathan Leary

Founder & CEO Remedy Place - The world's first luxury social wellness club

“Innovative, stunning design, Tersa is the epitome of luxury and I cannot wait for the world to see."

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Profile ron kvitne

Dr. Ron Kvitne

Head surgeon for LA Galaxy, LA Kings, LA Lakers & UFC

"This is the best mobility training system I've ever seen. Every pro sports team needs one"

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Profile alan hansen

Alan Hansen

Liverpool FC legend and former captain

"The future of rehab and training is here."

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Profile steve gera

Steve Gera

CEO Gains Group, former NFL Coach

"You can feel your body realign with the combination of relief and activation that Tersa induces - have to feel it to believe it"

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Profile dave anderson

Dave Anderson

CEO BreakAway Data, Former NFL Player/Co-Founder, Gains Group

"I've never hurt so good"

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Alex Bennett PGA

Alex Bennett

Fitness Specialist - PGA Performance Centre

“Never have I seen something that addresses mobility and strength issues simultaneously. The assessment piece alone could add more precision to my training which is extremely important when working with professional athletes whose bodies are their livelihood. I expect this to add tremendous value to our world class facility.”

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2023 Pilot Partners

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TERSA is focused on partnering with the world's leading elite pro sports teams, human performance academies and luxury wellness centres.

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