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  • Breathing Practices

    Equipped with a suite of breathing tools, ARA connects mind and body to ensure that you use all the tools available at your disposal for healing.

  • AI Powered Body Assessment

    The movement assessment feature uses 3D camera technology to better understand how you move by measuring biomechanical imbalances and mobility issues.

  • Infrared Thermal Technology

    The infrared thermal cameras will scan your body to help you understand how your body regulates temperature, and identifies circulation and heat abnormalities.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Ara selects the most effective training programs based on your emotional state through daily checkins.

  • Soft Tissue Therapy

    ARA not only understands your physiology, but also has built in do-it-yourself soft tissue therapy tools to aid in your recovery.

  • Strength Training

    Fully functional gym system with dual electric motors designed for rehab and performance training.

  • Performance Data

    ARA can guide you to the perfectly calibrated training program for you based on your ongoing health data.

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Every good workout comes with an even better recovery. With Ara, they're inseperable.

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We look after the athlete's best asset: The mind. ARA's all-in-one hollistic wellness approach connects all the dots.

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Explore ARA's hand-tailored training tools.

Icon Floss Full Body Essentials

Full Body Essentials

20 mins

Icon Floss Neck And Shoulder

Neck & Shoulder Release

20 mins

Icon Floss Hip Back Pain Prevention

Hip & Back Pain Prevention

20 mins

Icon Floss Lower Body Mobility

Lower Body Mobility

20 mins

Icon Strength Upper Body Performance

Upper Body Performance

20 mins

Icon Strength Neck Shoulder Prehab

Neck & Shoulder Prehab

20 mins

Icon Strength Hip Knee Control

Hip Stability

20 mins

Icon Strength Pelvic Floor Core Activation

Pelvic Floor & Core Activation

20 mins

Icon Flow Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow

20 mins

Icon Flow Primal Animal Flow

Primal Animal Flow

20 mins

Icon Flow Yin Flow

Yin Flow

20 mins

Icon Flow Ayurvedic Pitta Flow

Ayurvedic Pitta Flow

20 mins

Icon Mind Healing Pain

Healing Pain

20 mins

Icon Mind Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction

20 mins

Icon Mind Calming The Mind

Calming The Mind

20 mins

Icon Mind High Vibrations

High Vibrations

20 mins

ARA features span across physical therapy, strength training, and mindfulness.


Emotional Intelligence

AI emotional intelligence platform that allows you to tell Ara how you feel each day. The AI then builds and suggests relevant content based on your emotional state for a more holistic approach to exercise and wellbeing.

Illustration emotional intelligence


Coaches Portal

A platform for your coach to gain access to your performance data and allows your coach to help you improve through actionable solutions.

Illustration coaches portal


Performance Data

ARA monetizes all your performance data and consolidates into one easy to manage platform. Historical tracking progress reports analyzing body assessment metrics, emotional intelligence states, minutes exercised and what type of exercises category.

Illustration performance data



Live 1:1 video telehealth platform with direct access to physical therapists, personal trainers and coaches on device.

Illustration telehealth


Class Builder

A customized build your own program platform that allows you or your coach to personalize and build your own programs by scrolling through the entire data base of exercises listed on Ara. Users will have the ability to search via body parts and save programs into user profile for fast access.

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Made for you

Once your physical scans have been completed and your emotional state has been registered the TERSA AI will then build and customize a tailored roadmap of suggested exercises ranging from soft tissue therapy flossing exercises, to strength, yoga and all relevant on device content that support both your physical and psychological needs.

Illustration made for you

Profile andy walshe

Dr Andy Walshe

Co-founder of Liminal Collective and former director of Red Bull Human Performance

“Tersa is redefining human performance for the next generation”

Logos andy walshe
Profile jonathan leary

Dr Jonathan Leary

Founder & CEO Remedy Place - The world's first luxury social wellness club

“Innovative, stunning design, Tersa is the epitome of luxury and I cannot wait for the world to see."

Logo jonathan leary
Profile ron kvitne

Dr. Ron Kvitne

Head surgeon for LA Galaxy, LA Kings, LA Lakers & UFC

"This is the best mobility training system I've ever seen. Every pro sports team needs one"

Logos ron kvitne
Profile alan hansen

Alan Hansen

Liverpool FC legend and former captain

"The future of rehab and training is here."

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Profile steve gera

Steve Gera

CEO Gains Group, former NFL Coach

"You can feel your body realign with the combination of relief and activation that Tersa induces - have to feel it to believe it"

Logos steve gera
Profile dave anderson

Dave Anderson

CEO BreakAway Data, Former NFL Player/Co-Founder, Gains Group

"I've never hurt so good"

Logos dave anderson
Profile david rose

David Rose

Director of CDV, Chelsea FC

“I think it’s one of the best considered product and business executions I’ve ever seen in this space. I can see so many uses for this product.”

Logos david rose

2023 Pilot Partners

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